Curt Hiller surveys Franconia Ridge

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Dark Mountain ChallengeWelcome to the Chiller Home Web Page. You are invited and encouraged to view and purchase each photo to capture for your own personal piece of the wilderness of Northern New England and the mountains of north western North Carolina.

CHILLER photos are on display daily at The ARTWALK [], 611 West King Street, Boone, NC 28607, tel: 828-264-9998

River shoot

This website is created for you to share my reflections and appreciation of the ongoing beauty too often ignored and so often abused. The images are designed to send "chills" while giving a warming effect by bringing the viewers along on my journeys.

FlowerThis new creative identity resulted from my fascination with the beauty found in the remaining wilderness of Northern New England. This "Chiller" creation was developed long before I learned the tools and skills of photography.

I have explored the wonders associated with survival of the elements and have learned the comparison with human life. My profession in healthcare has been devoted to Respiratory Care which has led to many experiences with life and death. These events have sparked my awareness and sensitivity to how fragile we and our environment are.

My goal in photography is to capture that beauty and share the "chills" of life with my viewers. This is best reflected in my photo of "The Last Winter" of the Old Man of the Mountain prior to it collapsing forever.
The Last Winter

Enjoy the walk thru wildlife and experience the "chill" with each step you take in life. Remember; "LIFE: LOVE IT AND LIVE IT, BEFORE WE LEAVE IT".